The HQ came about as a result of a growing need in the area. Having spent time in multiple workspaces with a variety of atmospheres, amenities, and communities, we have seen what has been done, but haven’t seen what we want. So, the goal was to create the space we wish existed.

Owner, Jamie Ihms, spent 11 years working from coworking spaces, coffee houses, and kids’ play centers while she worked as a wedding planner throughout the Valley of the Sun. After juggling childcare, family time, and client time, she finally decided she’d had enough. Why must we choose between career and family? She could go to a kid-friendly space and suffer from the lack of a professional atmosphere and support. Or, she could go to a professional space where her children were not welcome. There was no in between. So, the idea for HQ Workspace was born. The space was designed physically to be conducive for both work and family. We are redefining work-life balance, because our lives aren’t compartmentalized. All the pieces of our social, work, and family lives are integrated. It would only make sense to spend time in a space that works the same way. This is why HQ has spaces for focus (phone booths, day offices, and private offices), collaboration (kitchen, patio, meeting rooms), and socialization (patio, kitchen, gooooood coffee!, and lobby space). 

This space exists BY entrepreneurs, FOR entrepreneurs. Businesses of all kinds will come through these doors, but there’s one common thing between us all: we want something better. We want a better space to work in, we want to grow a better business, and we want better access to the resources that will help us thrive.


HQ’s mission is to provide the space, equipment and resources that will enable local businesses and creative professionals to thrive while being inspired by their surroundings and community, creating a new definition of “work-life balance”, and supported by flexibility in work style.

We strive to serve you better by continually educating ourselves and learning from the best in our industry, via our membership with the GWA.