The HQ came about as a result of a growing need in the area. Having spent time in multiple workspaces with a variety of atmospheres, amenities, and communities, we have seen what has been done, but haven’t seen what we want. So, the goal was to create the space we wish existed.

Everything that you see at The HQ (and a lot of things you DON’T see) is an intentional decision based on our own needs and the needs we’ve heard from our fellow entrepreneurs. This space exists BY entrepreneurs, FOR entrepreneurs. Businesses of all kinds will come through these doors, but there’s one common thing between us all: we want something better. We want a better space to work in, we want to grow a better business, and we want better access to the resources that will help us thrive.


HQ’s mission is to provide the space, equipment and resources that will enable local businesses and creative professionals to thrive while being inspired by their surroundings and community, creating a new definition of “work-life balance”, and supported by flexibility in work style.

We strive to serve you better by continually educating ourselves and learning from the best in our industry, via our membership with the GWA.