Dr. Marcine Adams has been a member at The HQ since we opened in June. She owns an education and tutoring company, How About Learning! We asked Marcine some questions to get to know a little bit more about her business and herself. 

How would you best describe your business?

How About Learning is an award-winning company created to help improve the quality of content, instruction, and assessment of our students. It is a place where state board certified teachers are given the optimal learning environment to begin redefining the way in which we view tutors and their role in a child’s learning plan. In addition to a place where educators are provided professional development, since as educators, we know the importance of keeping on top of the trends and the newest research to improve learning retention. In result, How About Learning was created to make a space for educators to assist students outside classroom walls and to be their own curriculum developers.

What inspired you to start your business?

As an educator I always felt odd always having to argue my value and knowledge, board certified educators tutor all the time but are treated the same as a tutor who may be good at the subject, yet no teaching experience or certification. Providing an optimal learning environment where educators are valued and provided the right supports to succeed was needed. I used my research background in curriculum and assessment to assist teachers in providing high quality one-to-one instruction for students in all grades and subject areas. The rest was history and we are now an award-winning tutoring business with two locations.

What sets you apart from other similar businesses?

How About Learning only hires state board certified educators. You are getting someone who went to school for teaching and is currently teaching in your area. We create a goals charts and learning plan catered to your student’s learning needs and virtual access to each lesson conducted. The curriculum used is decided based on a student’s learning needs and pairs with the current curriculum being used at their school. At How About Learning we are all about working smarter not harder. If the curriculum at the school is already providing a hurdle, we figure out why and I use my previous experience at a publishing company and years of studying different curriculums to see how we can get the strategies to click and retention is the goal. If your child wants to stay ahead, we acquire the right material that keeps them engaged and challenged.

What is something you would want someone to know about you or your business that they might not?

I am a first-generation college student from a blue-collar family with a strong work ethic. I built this business all on my own with only what I earned from tutoring. You are coming to a company built off an idea and a dream to not only change the way we view tutors, but how students learn. 

My learning team is a collective group of educators who do not identify with what your current definition of a tutor is. We speak with your student’s teacher on a regular basis. We are not teaching your students to pass a test but to enjoy the learning process. We are slowly but surely changing the way in which the community views educators and the learning process. How About Learning is a question posed to educators to reflect on the current state of education and providing a space to start making it better and a way to get back to what is important, learning.

How did you find HQ?

I live down the street and was passing it during the construction phase. I stopped in a few times for a tour and check in on the progress. I am happy to be in a space that is changing the way we define the work space and putting family first.

What has been the best part of being a member at HQ?

I enjoy my getting to converse with the tenants and meet their families. It’s fun being able to create activities for the educational center and provide an opportunity to promote learning to my fellow Qties!