Meet Devin Hanson. He is not just a Graphic Designer, he digs deeper and thinks higher when developing, strategizing, and consulting with a company or individual on their brand. Married and a father to three boys, Devin started his own brand consulting firm a little over a year ago.

Devin tried out the HQ Workspace during our Beta test week, helping us make sure everything was working the way it should be. After a successful week and a professional big win for Devin, he became a member and has been with us ever since.

We asked Devin some fun and somewhat random questions to find out a little more about Devin, professionally and personally. Enjoy!

Where did you grow up?
I’m still a child at heart, so I’m not sure I’ve grown up yet. But I’m an Arizona OG, born and raised in Chandler.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A grown up. I don’t recall any specific career desires as a kid. I wasn’t the kid that wanted to be an astronaut or pilot or anything like that. I just enjoyed being a kid, lived in the moment, and didn’t think much about life past that.

What is your favorite vacation spot and why?
Growing up it was camping at Woods Canyon Lake. But now that camping means setting up my own tent, cooking my own food, starting my own fires, and taking the kids to the bathroom in the middle of the night… I think I prefer an Airbnb on the beach in California. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good camping trip, just not sure it’s my favorite vacation any more.

How did you end up in Brand Consulting and Design?
I’ve always had a knack for puzzles and art as a kid. I loved to come up with creative solutions to problems. Despite my love for math and problem solving, engineering was not in my future. Let’s just say, I wasn’t very good with the traditional school system (tests, grades, papers, etc.). So I just went with what was easiest and sounded fun, a photography and graphic design degree. What I didn’t realize is how much strategy and problem solving can and should be applied to the creative process, especially when creating brands! After 10 years as a designer and art director, I had this aha moment of realizing the value in problem solving BEFORE creating design content. This is what I absolutely LOVE to do: Help people realize the potential of what we’re creating and the value it can bring if we get it right.

What is your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of my job is getting clients to have that aha moment of feeling clarity about their brand and the culture they’re creating. When this becomes clear, excitement and a newfound energy sets in. This is such an awesome place to reach mentally and emotionally for a business owner!

Where do you see yourself in 10yrs?
Working with a few dedicated culinary culture makers. A culinary culture maker is a creative entrepreneur that creates unique experiences in the restaurant or food and beverage industry. I want to work with just a few each year and provide them quality time and energy to help them create cultures and pursue their dreams. I see this happening with one or two dedicated employees and a balance with my family life. I would love to have the freedom to take my kids to other cities and countries every summer to experience unique cultures and broaden their worldview.

What do you think makes you different than others in your field?
The ability to transform clients perspectives and bring out new ways of thinking about their brand. These new concepts help them see the value they can create for others that also turns into value for their brand. I like to use the analogy of creating a sports car when they need a pickup truck. This is what happens when you put design before discovery. It’s backwards. Knowing what you’re going to use a design for and the desired results you wish to achieve must be determined before creating the design.

What do you want people to know about you that they may not?
I’m not JUST a graphic designer. As mentioned above, there is SO much more to what I offer than design. Also, my office is filled with toys, because… why not. Including a Rubik’s cube that I’ve learned to solve in under 2 min. Stop on by and I’ll prove it 🙂